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Framed Fine Art Prints


My Framed prints use Epson Fine Art Lustre Paper and come with a mat, white wooden frame and high grade plexiglass. This is what I think compliments my images the best, but if you would like to alter the frame color or mat, this can be easily done by emailing me. 


Metal Prints 

Metal prints represent a new art medium for preserving photos by infusing dyes directly into specially coated aluminum sheets. Because the image is infused into the surface and not on it, the image will take on an almost magical luminescence. The ultra-hard scratch-resistant surface is waterproof/weatherproof and can be cleaned easily – just avoid direct sunlight. Metal prints are especially revolutionary as they do not produce any glare from the surrounding area onto the display. This is the least expensive option that I offer to my clients. 


Acrylic Prints 

Acrylic Prints are beautiful Fine Art LexJet Prints face-mounted to 1/4” plexiglass with polished edges. The display comes ready to hang with a French cleat and floats about a 1/2” off the wall, giving it a stand out, contemporary look. 

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